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Social learning theory

Behaviourist approach
Banduara ­ vicarious reinforcement
Attention ­ rentention ­ production ­ motivation
Bandura ­ study 1
Bandura ­ study two
Criticms ­ demand characteristics
However ­ cooper ­ video games
Williams ­ candian country
Other cultures ­ different experiences.
Biological approach .

Social learning theory is…

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However, the study has been criticed as one of the child stated "look mum thats a bobo
doll we're meant to hit it", showing demand characteristics. It also lacks ecological
validity as it was a lab based experiment, and the bobo doll cannot hit back, so it isn't
applicable to…

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a group. This supports lebon's theory that the individual lowers their selfevaluation
when in a crowd.

However this was a metaanaylsis of newspaper articles so was subjected to only
mullens views and beliefs on what is a horrific killing and what is not. It can also be
culturally bias as…

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Mccorkle ­ domination of the weak in prisions
Hard to define hazing. ­ 1/5 regarded having hazing 1/20 ­ violent hazing

Institutional aggression can occur within groups or between groups.

Institution aggression which occurs within groups can be because of interpersonal
situations. Or because of situational aggression, which is seen…

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5. Passivity of bystanders ­ distinction between effect of intervention on severity
and length e.g. UN shortened Rwanda genocide but caused 800000 deaths in
100 days (history boys link)

Milgram argued that genocide is due to the obedience of authority. He later conducted a
research study into this where he…

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Adoption studies help to provide evidence to whether it is genetic factors which are the
main contribution to aggressive behaviour or if it is the environment. If there is a positive
correlation between aggressive behaviour in the adoptive child, and aggressive
behaviour in the biological parent it shows a relationship…

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researching on vulnerable people, making it not so valid as they may be confused by the

This is a deterministic approach as it suggests we have no freewill how we behave,
however it is due to our genetics and MAOA hormone.

Neural and hormonal aggression ­

1. The biological…

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17. Gender bias ­ only males however females ­ high testosterone higher status in

Although the link between dopamine and aggressive behaviours aren't as well
established as the link with serotonin, there is some evidence to show that there is a
link. This was shown by increasing dopamine activity…

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females with high testosterone levels have a higher occupational status as they were
more assertive than others.

Evolutionary approach ­

What is the evolutionary approach
Men ­ no certain perternity ­ cuckoldry ­ consequence ­ invest resources.
Bus ­ direct guarding ­ negative reinforcement ­ coming home early
Wilson ­…

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acts. The study showed a clear relationship between sexual jealousy and mate retention
strategies by males and violence towards women.

Buss found that men who suspected that their wives might be unfailthful over the next
year gave greater punishments than those who didn't think their partner would be
unfaithful. This…




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