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Aggression…read more

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Social Psychological Explanations
Social Learning Theory
Institutional Aggression
Social Learning Theory ­ Behavioural Approach
Learn from direct experience or vicarious experience
(from observing others)
Direct ­ operant conditioning
Vicarious ­ social learning theory
More likely to act aggressively if we see aggressive
behaviour being rewarded…read more

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Social Learning Theory
Aggressive behaviour is influenced by
Previous experience of behaviour
Likelihood of behaviour being rewarded
Success of behaviour in past
Cognitive, social and environmental factors
Is the person they are imitating a role model?

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Social Learning Theory - Research
Bandura ­ Bobo Doll Experiment
· 66 nursery school children into 3 groups
· Watching a film where an adult acted aggressively on Bobo doll
· Group 1 ­ Aggressive model received no reward or punishment
· Group 2 ­ Aggressive model was rewarded
· Group 3 ­ Aggressive model was punished
· Then taken to a room with Bobo doll and actions were recorded
Findings Evaluation
· Supports social learning theory
Group 1 & 2 ­ Acted aggressively
· Small sample size
Group 2 ­ Most aggressive
· Culturally bias ­ USA
Group 3 ­ Least aggressive
· Lacks ecological validity
· Ethical issues ­ behaviour wasn't reversed…read more

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· Supported by research ­ Huesmann suggested children learn
behaviour from TV
· Explains why people act aggressively in different environmen
· Explains why some cultures are more aggressive
· Wolfgang ­ `culture of violence' theory
· Child soldiers
· Takes into account cognitive influences and free will
· Ignores biological factors
· Relies on lab experiments conducted on children and animals
can't be generalised…read more

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People tend not to act aggressively as it goes against
social norms
In some situations social norms become weakened
causing deindividuation e.g. in a large group
Process when a person loses sense of identity ­ may
result in aggressive behaviour…read more

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