Ageing Populations

Description of the impacts of ageing populations and a case study on the UK

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Ageing Populations
An ageing population is one with a high proportion of elderly people. Countries
with this population structure tend to be in stage 5 of the DTM. Elderly people
are dependent on the working population to provide them with things such as
pensions, care and health services. Having a high number of dependents can
have serious implications for a country.
Taxes need to go up because there are more pensions to pay for and
elderly people need more healthcare. Taxes pay for both of these things.
The economy of the country grows less slowly as money is being spent
on things that don't help it to grow, e.g. retirement homes rather than
Healthcare services are stretched more because older people need
more medical care
People need to spend more time working as unpaid carers for elderly
relatives. This makes the working population more stressed and reduces
their leisure time
People may have fewer children because they can't afford large families
when there are elderly relatives to care for.
The more old people there are, the lower the state pension is. People
will have to retire later as they can't afford to get by on the pension
Coping Strategies
Encouraging larger families increases the number of young people in the
country. When they start to work there will be a larger working
population to pay taxes and support the elderly. In Italy women are
offered cash rewards for having more children

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Encouraging the immigration of young people increases the working
population so that there are more people paying taxes to support the
These two strategies do not help towards sustainable development as
the population size will increase
Raising the retirement age means that people contribute to state
pensions for longer and claim the pension for less time.…read more

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Coping strategies
The retirement age is set to be raised from 60 for women and 65
for men to 68 for everybody by 2046. This means people will be
working longer, so more will be paying taxes and less will be collecting a
Encouraging women to have children through the use of tax breaks. This
makes it more affordable for women to have children.
Encouraging people to take out private pensions by giving them tax
breaks.…read more


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