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The play starts with a speech by the watchman who talks about waiting for the signal from
Troy, Clytemnestra and how much he misses his King
The Chorus enter and talk about the armies leaving for Troy and the sacrifice of Iphegenia
They notice Clytemnestra and ask why she is lighting all the altars
She says that the Greeks have taken Troy
But they do not believe her so she has to explain about the beacons
And then she talks about the Trojan war
The chorus then talk about the start of the Trojan war, Helen and the death and destruction
caused by war before they start to doubt Clytemnestra again
The leader of the chorus spots the Herald
The Herald arrives and talks about how glad he is to reach home and tells them they must
welcome Agamemnon well
The Herald and the leader both talk the leader talks about how much they have longed for
the return of the armies and hints that there may be danger
The Herald talks about the horrors of the war but says wy should they weep now that they
are safe they should move on
Clytemnestra comes on and has, quite justly, a sort of an `I told you so' moment then talks
about how proud she is to have been faithful to her husband
Once she leaves the Leader suggests that she is only saying what is right and then asks the
Herald about Menelaus, the Herald tries to avoid the question for a while but then explains
that they do not know whether Menelaus is dead or alive there was a storm that separated
The Chorus talk about Helen, although at points what they are saying could seem to apply to
Clytemnestra as well and then they welcome Agamemnon but saying that they are not quite
sure how to
Agamemnon talks about the death and destruction of the war and says that they must
sacrifice to the gods and also they must set up a court
Clytemnestra welcomes him and talks about how horrible it is to wait for your husband to
return from war then announces her plan with the tapestries
Agamemnon says that that would be to act like a god which he is not so he refuses
Clytemnestra and Agamemnon then argue about it until Clytemnestra finally persuades him
although he will only do it once he has taken off his shoes
He then asks them to guide in Cassandra kindly as no one chooses to be a slave
Clytemnestra talks about their wealth and then prays to Zeus
The Chorus talk about fear and death
Then Clytemnestra comes out again to persuade Cassandra to go in, saying that it is no time
for pride and she should be grateful that at least the house she has come to will treat her
Cassandra does not respond
The chorus Leader and Clytemnestra continue to try and persuade her to go in but when she
will not Clytemnestra gives up and goes back inside
However the Leader continues to try and kindly persuade her to go in
Cassandra then starts to scream and cry out to Apollo
Which puzzles the Leader

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In her cries she wonders where she is and the Leader replies that she is at Atreus' house
She proclaims that it is the house that hates god and talks about Thyestes and the children,
then talks about the new plot
The Leader meanwhile says stuff about how they know she was a seer and that he
recognised her talking about Thyestes but does not know what she is talking about now
She continues to talk about the murder of Agamemnon and the Chorus do…read more

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Clytemnestra tells Aegisthus to ignore them saying that it doesn't matter they have power
now…read more


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