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"She manoeuvres like a man"
"Terror at my neck"
"No longer run like the great place of old". Misses Ag, Cly not a good
"two kings with the power of Zeus"
"Heal us soothe our fear" Chorus think Cly is on their side, shows she is
good at playing the faithful wife.
"Plunged their claws in a hare, a mother bursting with unborn young"
"architect of vengeance"
"With no fear of the husband"
"Memory womb child avenging fury" Clytemnestra's revenge plan is
"Artemis must have blood!"
"A father's hands are stained, the blood of a young girl streaks the altar.
Desert the fleets, fail the alliance?" Dilemma
"And once he slipped his neck in the strap of fate...his spirit veering
black, impure, unholy"
"he had the heart to sacrifice his daughter"
"No innocence moves her judges mad for war"
You treat me like a child, you mock me?"
"If only they are revering the city's gods"
"no plunderer will be plundered in return"
"Spoken like a man my loyal lady"
"War, war the great gold-broker of corpses"
"All for another woman's they mutter"
"Just like a woman to fill with thanks before the truth is clear. Their
stories spread like wildfire"
"Give him the royal welcome he deserves"
"I cried out long ago! You made me seem deranged" Leader did not
believe Cly but believed Herald.
"A watchdog gentle to him alone"
"In love with a new lord, in ill repute I am as practised as I am in dyeing
"It takes no seer to know she only says what is right"

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Oh for all the world a Helen! Hell at the prows, hell on the men"
"Simois' mouth that chokes with foliage" River full of dad bodies
"Troy's blood wedding day"
"Parent fury moving through the house"
"Ancient violence longs to breed new violence" House of Atreus
"But Justice shines in sooty hovels"
"How to salute you? How to praise you?"
"Torturing their faces into smiles"-Cly
"They consigned their lots to the urn of blood"
"Look for the smoke-it's the city's seamark"
"We raped their city-we…read more

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And now you banish me? He thought no more of it than killing a
beast...the agony I laboured into love. Didn't the law demand you
banish him?" Hypocritical men
"I'll meet you blow for blow. And if I fall the thrown is yours. If a god
decrees the reverse" Fighting, masculine talk, gods are on her side so
she is justified.…read more


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