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"She manoeuvres like a man"
"Terror at my neck"
"No longer run like the great place of old". Misses Ag, Cly not a good
"two kings with the power of Zeus"
"Heal us soothe our fear" Chorus think Cly is on their side, shows she is
good at playing…

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"Oh for all the world a Helen! Hell at the prows, hell on the men"
"Simois' mouth that chokes with foliage" River full of dad bodies
"Troy's blood wedding day"
"Parent fury moving through the house"
"Ancient violence longs to breed new violence" House of Atreus
"But Justice shines in…

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"And now you banish me? He thought no more of it than killing a
beast...the agony I laboured into love. Didn't the law demand you
banish him?" Hypocritical men
"I'll meet you blow for blow. And if I fall the thrown is yours. If a god
decrees the reverse" Fighting,…


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