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`She manoeuvres like a man' ­ line 13, Watchman

`I cry for the hard times come to this house no longer run like the great place of old' ­ line 20-21,

`The house and these old stones, give them a voice and what a tale they'd…

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`She speaks well, but it takes no seer to know she only says what's right' ­ line 612-613, Leader

`The house swam with blood' ­ line 728, Chorus

`Ancient violence longs to breed' ­ line 755, Chorus

`How to salute you how to praise you' ­ line 769, Chorus


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`He sacrificed his own child, our daughter, the agony I laboured into love' ­ 1442-1443, Clytemnestra

`Didn't the law demand you banish him?' ­ line 1555, Clytemnestra

`By the child's rights I brought to birth' ­ line 1459, Clytemnestra

`He brutalized me' ­ line 1465, Clytemnestra

`Woman made him suffer,…


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