Agamemnon - Important Quotes

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`She manoeuvres like a man' ­ line 13, Watchman
`I cry for the hard times come to this house no longer run like the great place of old' ­ line 20-21,
`The house and these old stones, give them a voice and what a tale they'd tell' ­ line 39-40,
`All the labour, the bed of pain, the young are lost forever' ­ line 59-60, Chorus
`All for a woman manned by many' ­ line 78, Chorus
`Memory womb of fury child avenging fury!' ­ line 156, Chorus
`Doom will crush me once I rend my child the glory of my house ­ a father's hands are stained' ­ line
206-210, Chorus/Agamemnon
`Pain both ways' ­ line 212, Chorus
`He slipped his neck in the strap of fate' ­ line 217, Chorus
`Yes, he had the heart to sacrifice his daughter' ­ line 223-4, Chorus
`No innocence moves her judges mad for war' ­ line 228, Chorus
`A sound will curse the house' ­ line 236, Chorus
`Her saffron robes pouring over the sand' ­ line 237, Chorus
`Wounding every murderer through with pity' ­ line 239, Chorus
`Our midnight watch, our lone defender, single-minded queen' ­ line 256-7, Chorus
`You treat me like a child, you mock me?' ­ line 277, Clytemnestra
`Torch to torch, running for their lives ... racing home my fire' line 314-315, Clytemnestra
`My burning sign' ­ line 317, Clytemnestra
`Here you have it, what a woman has to say' ­ line 351-352, Clytemnestra
`Spoken like a man, my lady' ­ line 354, Chorus
`She came to Troy with a dowry, death' ­ line 405, Chorus
`They knew the men they sent but now in place of men ashes and urns come back to every hearth' ­
line 431-434, Chorus
`Rumours voiced by women come to nothing' ­ line 478, Chorus
`The dead can rest and never rise again' ­ line 562, Herald

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She speaks well, but it takes no seer to know she only says what's right' ­ line 612-613, Leader
`The house swam with blood' ­ line 728, Chorus
`Ancient violence longs to breed' ­ line 755, Chorus
`How to salute you how to praise you' ­ line 769, Chorus
`The end is worth the labour!' ­ line 791, Chorus
`We must summon the city for a trial, found a national tribunal' ­ line 831-832, Agamemnon
`By all rights our child should be here... Orestes.…read more

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He sacrificed his own child, our daughter, the agony I laboured into love' ­ 1442-1443, Clytemnestra
`Didn't the law demand you banish him?' ­ line 1555, Clytemnestra
`By the child's rights I brought to birth' ­ line 1459, Clytemnestra
`He brutalized me' ­ line 1465, Clytemnestra
`Woman made him suffer, woman struck him down' ­ line 1481-1482, Chorus
`The great curse of the house' ­ line 1509, Chorus
`The spirit lives within me, our savage ancient spirit of revenge.…read more


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