Against re-development of Town Centre

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Anisa Ahmed
6 lala road
nw2 6xl London
For the attention of Mr Rain, the local government.
Dear Sir
Reference: Re-development of the town centre.
I write in connection to your recent scheme of re-developing the town centre.
I have examined your plans on why you want to re-development the ancient
town. I have a strong passion for the old town centre and I wish to object
strongly to the development of these houses in this location since it's a
tourist attraction and hold the beautiful, old history of this town.
Cricklewood town hall is a historic and archaeological place it has an ancient
high qualities building there which where build but very important people. The
town hall in cricklewood also represents our community spirit and hope. Since
the community all gather at the town hall to discuss issues and learning
scheme also take place here.
The cricklewood neighbourhood also argues that the construct of the ancient
town hall will cause more conflict in the neighbourhood since more police are
available near the town hall and the town hall also contains authorities which
help people e.g. children who suffer from abuse by parents can access social
worker there and married couples who are having problem may also be able to
seek help and advice on divorce.
Also, the town contains green land which will help may reduce the pollution of
the town. Also this green has may uses to the local inhabitants relax in the
green gardens, have picnics and walking their dogs. If the government plans
to re-develop the town centre then she will demolish it beauty and history.
Overall I hope this letter gives you a sense of understanding on why you
shouldn't re-developed the town centre because it holds a very important
place in each and every one of the people in the neighbourhood its the place
where we learn things , gain advice and go to relax.

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