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Assumptions For The Argument Against The Argument

Hormones PRE- MENSTRUAL SYNDROME- oestrogen and Hormonal changes associated with menstruation,
progesterone levels change throughout a the menopause and child birth have been the
women's menstrual cycle. As a woman reaches suggested cause for some sufferers of
the end of her cycle she…

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emotional and social support received which
determines whether or not she gets depressed

Behavioural Explanations- Reinforcements LEWISOHN It ignores biological factors and thoughts

Events such as loss of a job could lead to Most do get `over' depression once treated so
depression because of a reduction of can get out…

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The Cognitive- Behavioural Model- Learned SELIGMAN AND MAIER- dogs were restrained so It doesn't account for gender differences. Women
Helplessness that they couldn't avoid electric shocks and and men handle depression and helplessness
eventually just seemed to just accept receiving differently. Women handle their emotions whilst
the shocks. Later when…

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that an attitude of helplessness is a symptom of
depression rather than a cause.


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