Aerobic Respiration

Summary of Aerobic Respiration.

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Glycolysis Link Reaction x2 Kreb Cycle x2 Oxidative Phosphory
Location Cytoplasm Mitochondrian Matrix Mitochondrian Matrix Mitochondria
1x ADP + Pi Reduced NAD
2x ATP Coenzyme A
Requires 2x NAD 1x NAD
3x NAD Reduced FAD
1x FAD ADP + Pi
Pyruvate 4C + Acetyl Coenzyme A
Summary 2x Triose Phosphate
Acetate 6C
Acetyl Coenzyme A 5C
2x Pyruvate
1x CO2
3x Reduced NAD
2x ATP 1x CO2 ATP
Produces 2x Reduced NAD 1x Reduced NAD
1x Reduced FAD
1x ATP
Coenzyme A

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