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Aeneid 2 Translation and Original Text

fracti bello fatisque repulsi Broken by war and driven back by the
fates the leaders of the Greeks (with so
ductores Danaum tot iam labentibus annis many
years now slipping by)built a horse the
instar montis equum divina Palladis arte size of a mountain…

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sive dolo seu iam Troiae sic fata ferebant. treachery or (because) the fates of Troy
were now tending that way. But Capys,
at Capys, et quorum melior sententia menti, and to those mind better judgement
ordered us either to throw trap and the
35 suspect gifts of the Greeks in…

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insonuere cavae gemitumque dedere The hollow vaults resounded and gave a
cavernae. groan. And if the decrees of the Gods, if
et, si fata deum, si mens non laeva fuisset, their intention had not been
impulerat ferro Argolicas foedare latebras, unfavorable, he would have forced us to
Troiaque nunc staret,…

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eyes flecked with blood and fire, they
were licking their hissing mouths with
flickering tongues.
diffugimus visu exsangues. illi agmine certo We fled, pale at the sight. They made
Laocoonta petunt et primum parva duorum for Laocoon with a straight path and first
corpora natorum serpens amplexus uterque both snakes…

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et monstrum infelix sacrata sistimus arce. arms gave a sound from its belly.
However, we kept going, mindless and
blind with madness and we placed the
dreadful monster on the sacred citadel.
tunc etiam fatis aperit Cassandra futuris Even then Cassandra opened her mouth
ora dei iussu non umquam credita…


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