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fracti bello fatisque repulsi Broken by war and driven back by the
fates the leaders of the Greeks (with so
ductores Danaum tot iam labentibus annis many
years now slipping by)built a horse the
instar montis equum divina Palladis arte size of a mountain with the divine skill of

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duci intra muros hortatur et arce locari, urged that it be taken inside the walls
and placed on the citadel, whether by
sive dolo seu iam Troiae sic fata ferebant. treachery or (because) the fates of Troy
were now tending that way. But Capys,
at Capys, et quorum melior sententia…

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in latus inque feri curvam compagibus alvum

contorsit. stetit illa tremens, uteroque recusso

insonuere cavae gemitumque dedere The hollow vaults resounded and gave a
cavernae. groan. And if the decrees of the Gods, if
et, si fata deum, si mens non laeva fuisset, their intention had not been
impulerat ferro…


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