Aeneid II Split Translation

Translation and Original Text for lines 13-62

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fracti bello fatisque repulsi Broken by war and driven back by the
fates the leaders of the Greeks (with so
ductores Danaum tot iam labentibus annis many
years now slipping by)built a horse the
instar montis equum divina Palladis arte size of a mountain with the divine skill of
Minerva, and they wove it's ribs with cut
aedificant, sectaque intexunt abiete costas silver fir wood; they pretended that it
was an offering for their return; that
was the story that was spread around
votum pro reditu simulant ea fama vagatur.
huc delecta virum sortiti corpora furtim Having drawn lots, they secretly
enclosed the chosen bodies of men here
includunt caeco lateri penitusque cavernas in its dark flank and deep inside they
filled huge vaults and the belly with
ingentes uterumque armato milite complent. armed soldiers. There is in sight
est in conspectu Tenedos, notissima fama Tenedos, an island very famous in
reputation, rich in resources while the
reign of Priam remains
insula, dives opum Priami dum regna
nunc tantum sinus et statio male fida carinis: (But) now only a bay and an unsafe
anchorage for ships: Having sailed here
huc se provecti deserto in litore condunt they hid themselves on the deserted
shore; we thought that they had gone
nos abiisse rati et vento petiisse Mycenas. away and had made for Mycenae with
the wind. Therefore all Troy freed itself
25 from its long grief; The gates were
thrown open and it was pleasing to go
ergo omnis longo solvit se Teucria luctu
to the Greek camp
panduntur portae, iuvat ire et Dorica castra
desertosque videre locos litusque relictum: to see both the deserted placed and the
abandoned shore. Here the band of
hic Dolopum manus, hic saevus tendebat Dolopians, here the savage Achilles
Achilles used to pitch camp; here was the place
for the fleets, here they were used to
classibus hic locus, hic acie certare solebant. fighting in the battle. Some were
amazed at the deadly gift to the virgin
Minerva and marveled at the massive
size of the horse. And first Thymoetes
pars stupet innuptae donum exitiale Minervae
et molem mirantur equi primusque Thymoetes

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Troiae sic fata ferebant. treachery or (because) the fates of Troy
were now tending that way. But Capys,
at Capys, et quorum melior sententia menti, and to those mind better judgement
ordered us either to throw trap and the
35 suspect gifts of the Greeks in the sea
and to burn it with flames,
aut pelago Danaum insidias suspectaque
praecipitare iubent subiectisque urere
aut terebrare cavas uteri et temptare latebras. or to drill and test the hollow
hiding-places.…read more

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The hollow vaults resounded and gave a
cavernae. groan. And if the decrees of the Gods, if
et, si fata deum, si mens non laeva fuisset, their intention had not been
impulerat ferro Argolicas foedare latebras, unfavorable, he would have forced us to
Troiaque nunc staret, Priamique arx alta pierce the Greek hiding-place, and Troy
maneres. would be standing now, and you would
ecce, manus iuvenem interea post terga remain, high citadel of Priam.…read more


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