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It was the time when rest first begins for weary mortals, and it creeps over them, most welcome as a
gift of the gods. Behold! In my sleep, before my eyes, Hector seemed to me to be present, most
sorrowful, and to pour forth abundant…

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when Troy had been destroyed, flatly refused to prolong his life and to suffer exile. `You whose
blood is untouched by old age,' he said `and whose strength stands firm in its own steadfastness. You
make your escape. If the heaven-dwellers had wished me to prolong my life, they would…

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He had spoken, and throughout the city the fire could be heard quite clearly now, and the burning
rolled the heat nearer. `Come then, dear father, and place yourself on my neck; I shall support you on
my shoulders, nor will that toil be a burden to me; and however…


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