Advice on using the Electronic Answer Document (EAD)

Help on how to use the EAD.

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COMP1: Problem Solving, Programming,
Data Representation and Practical
Exercise June 2014 1
Advice on using the COMP1 Electronic Answer Doucment (EAD)
Centres may give a copy of this Advice document to candidates at any time, including during
the examination.
The Electronic Answer Document is provided by AQA to centres as a Microsoft Word
(2003) document. Candidates must type their answers to the COMP1 question paper into
the EAD on-screen.
A In advance of the examination
Candidates' details on the front cover of the Electronic Answer Document (EAD) and in
the footer of page 2 (and therefore any subsequent pages they may use) may be
completed in advance of the examination and saved to the individual candidate's user
area of the secure network. If candidates are to complete the EAD in this way, the centre
is responsible for ensuring that no other information is typed into the EAD in advance of
the examination.
Centres must ensure that candidates know:
­ where they are to save the work they do during the examination
­ what file format to use
­ the name format in which to save their work
­ about the role of the Print Monitor
­ how to re-size a screen capture (screen dump/screen shot) to ensure the
examiner can read it with ease.
The COMP1 examination is not a test of candidates' typing or word processing skills,
but centres are strongly encouraged to ensure that their candidates are familiar
with the EAD before the examination. Candidates are free to practise using a copy of it
before the examination.
B What to do if the EAD fails for any reason
When printing the EAD, if it appears to have page breaks in inappropriate places, check
whether the margin size on the default printer needs changing. The margins used for the
original EAD are: Top - 2 cm; Bottom - 2.5 cm; Left 2 cm; Right - 2 cm.
Taken from Appendix 1 of the Teachers' Notes (COMP1/TN)
AQA Education (AQA) is a registered charity (number 1073334) and a company limited by guarantee registered in
England and Wales (number 3644723). Our registered address is AQA, Devas Street, Manchester M15 6EX.

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Do not be concerned if the AQA logo does not appear or is misshapen when the EAD is
printed out.…read more

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If the above should fail, candidates should be advised to:
1. paste any screen capture into a blank Word document and save it using a
suitable filename
2. print this document with a footer containing the Centre Number, Candidate
Name and Candidate Number (or write them on by hand after printing)
3. insert the question part number
4.…read more


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