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COMP1: Problem Solving, Programming,
Data Representation and Practical
Exercise June 2014 1
Advice on using the COMP1 Electronic Answer Doucment (EAD)

Centres may give a copy of this Advice document to candidates at any time, including during
the examination.
The Electronic Answer Document is provided by AQA to…

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Do not be concerned if the AQA logo does not appear or is misshapen when the EAD is
printed out.

f your centre's word processing software is not compatible with Microsoft Word (2003),
centres should ask candidates to type their answers into a blank document ensuring that…

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If the above should fail, candidates should be advised to:

1. paste any screen capture into a blank Word document and save it using a
suitable filename

2. print this document with a footer containing the Centre Number, Candidate
Name and Candidate Number (or write them on by hand…


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