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How Do Companies Advertise And Why?
Companies advertise their products so that people see
the product on television or on a billboard and the
people think to themselves that they want it. The
companies design the advert, and then they send it
around for millions of copies in newspapers or for a
daily showing of that advert. Advertising is very
expensive and it costs manyamillion. Advertising is
also psychological in a way because the companies say
that millions of people have bought the product, and that
will make the person want to buy the product so they are
one of the crowd, also companies put let's say £3.99 for
a certain product, but the product is basically £4.
Advertising improves the status of the product and also
millions of people watch T.V. and millions of people read
news papers, so by putting an advertisement on the T.V.
or the newspaper, millions of people will read the advert
and will then know about the product. Companies such
as Apple make many cool products, but how will people
know about this product if they have never read about
it? So on T.V. and newspapers I have seen many Apple
adverts and that is probably one of the reasons Apple is
so popular. Advertising lets you know what is on the
market and how much it costs but some people can use
advertising to make people pay over high prices.


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