advantages and disadvantages of unstructured interviews

  • strengths and weaknesses of unstructured interviews
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PET Advantages Disadvantages
Practical High response rate. Expensive.
Easy to gather straightforward Small scale.
information. Inflexibility of the questions which causes
Training interviewees doesn't cost as all respondents to be stuck on the questions
the researcher need to do is get them they are asked during unstructured
to follow questions. interviews.
Hypothesis is easily tested.
Ethical Consent is granted and obtained Psychological harm may be present within
Anonymity within the interview assures an interview when the researcher is
the respondents. asking respondents sensitive questions.
Sensitive issues can be explored during Informed consent isn't always obtained
interviews. during the interview.
Theoretica .unstructured interviews are reliable Validity is often lacked when researchers
l Positivists favour unstructured are interpreting the data and findings.
interviews as they are reliable, have an Reality isn't shown throughout the
object in mind before the interview and interviews it is only a snapshot of the
the sample is representative. biggest picture/issues the researchers
are studying.
Interviewer bias causes a massive affect
within the interviewing process.


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