Advantages and disadvantages of questionaires

  1. strengths and weaknesses of questionaires
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PET Advantages Disadvantages
Practical Quick and cheap Lack of response when giving out
Easy to assess a large sample of questionnaires
people Research won't have an idea of who
Control over variables has completed the questionnaire ­ so it
No need to recruit or train may be harder to analyse
interviewees or observers to collect Respondents are unlikely to fill out or
the data return a questionnaire if it is long and
time consuming
Inflexible method of questionnaires
this is because once the questionnaires
have been collected the researcher is
stuck with the questions if they can't
read the answers.
Questionnaires can be costly if you are
rewarding respondents for taking part
in the research.
Ethical Researchers are able to gain Cannot guarantee that informed
informed consent consent is always the case
Rarely any ethical issues with
Researchers can assure respondents
taking part in the research that if
they don't want to answer any
questions that they feel
uncomfortable with they don't have
Theoretica Questionnaires are reliable which Questionnaires are snap shots and only
l means they can be done with give a general picture
different respondents each time. Respondents may lie when answering
Questionnaires are representative questions just to give respectable
which means access is enabled to a answers to the researchers.
large number of the population.

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Social survey - questionnaires
Sociologists to use
· Cicourel (1968) doesn't like questionnaires as they lack validity and argues that
researcher's do not provide a true picture of what they are studying within their
· Shere Hite's (1991) studied love, passion and emotional violence in America. He
doesn't like questionnaires as the response rate of getting the questionnaires back
was slow. Shere gave out 10,000 questions and only 4.5% of them was returned back
to him.…read more


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