advantages and disadvantages of peer to peer networks

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Advantages and disadvantages of peer to peer networks
Advantages Disadvantages
No need for network operating system Because each computer can be accessed
by others, it can slow the performance
of the computers
Doesn't need an expensive server as Files and folders can't be centrally
individual stations are used to access backed up
No need for specialist staff as each Files and resources aren't centrally
user sets up their own permissions as to organised into a shared area. They are
which files they will share stored on individuals computers and
might be hard to locate if the owner
doesn't use a logical filling system
Easier to set up than a client-server Ensuring viruses aren't introduced into
network- no specialist knowledge the system is the individual
needed responsibility of the user
If 1 computer fails it won't disrupt the Little security apart form the
rest of the network permissions users don't need to log on to
their work stations


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