Advantages and Disadvantages of Parliamentary Law Making

Advantages and Disadvantages of Parliamentary Law Making in note form

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Parliamentary law making
Advantages and Disadvantages of PLM
Advantages> Scrutiny, Democratic, Government control, H of L, Flexibility.
Scrutiny>The process is very thorough because bills pass through both houses
of parliament. This provides several opportunities for debate, scrutiny and
amendment, ensuring that any mistakes or poor drafting can be corrected.
Democratic>Parliamentary law making is democratic because MP's in the H of C
are democratically elected to make laws.
Government control>Government has considerable control over
parliamentary law making.
The House of Lords>The H of L acts as a checking mechanism. It contains many
peers with considerable expertise.
Flexibility>there are several types of bills which can be introduced in either
House. This means that not only Government but MP's and Lords also have the
opportunity to propose new laws.
Disadvantages> Undemocratic, Government control, Slow, Dated-process,
language and statistics.
Undemocratic>Neither the H of L nor the Queen is elected and yet they play
major roles in law making.
Government control>As the government has majority of MP's in the H of C it
can vote out any private members' bills which do not fit its political agenda.
Slow>The process is slow. A bill has to go through many readings and stages in
both houses. This takes many months and is not appropriate when important laws
need to be made quickly.
Dated process, language and statistics>When drafting a bill,
parliamentary draftsmen use words and phrases that are ambiguous, unclear,
obscure and over elaborate. These language and structural problems make law
inaccessible to the ordinary person.


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