Advantages & Disadvantages of Land Reclamation

As the title says.

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AS Geography 16th May 2010
Coasts Revision
Artificial extension of land surface out to sea
Takes pressure of urban areas
Reclaimed land could take up a land use which takes pressure off urban areas
Don't necessarily have to build houses on
Improve agricultural land ­ East Anglia: Barley, Wheat etc.
Helps areas with restricted land use
Relatively cheap
Cost is low compared to its use
Scars in landscape from quarrying for rocks
Susceptible to Earthquakes ­ Liquefaction
Susceptible to sea level rise (U.A.E ­ Dubai Islands)
Could damage habitats (e.g. Coral Reefs, Salt Marshes, Mangroves)
This then affects species (e.g. fish, birds)
Get pollution from land use
Require hitech engineering
Chris Cartwright


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