Advantages & Disadvantages of Juries

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  • Who can be in the Jury.
  • Advantages of Juries.
  • Disadvantages of Juries.
  • The work of Juries in criminal courts.
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1. What are the age limits for the Jury service?
18 to 70 year old.
2. What is the residency requirements to qualify for Jury Service?
When you are in the UK for 5years or more.
3. What categories of people are disqualified from doing Jury Service?
Due to age, mental disability, criminal charges, not understanding the language, medical or other
4. What categories of people are less likely to serve on a Jury?
Low income brackets and those who are economically inactive.
5. What percentage failed to reply to their summons to do Jury Service?
6. What types of reason were people excused from Jury Service?
Medical reasons, health care.
7. What does the study show about the representative nature of Juries?
They represent all the people.
Explain the work of Juries in criminal courts
Jurors go to the court and have to be selected again for the Jury.
They have to swear on oath. (those selected).
They then hear the evidence/case from the defendant and prosecution.
Then the Jury retire and go to the Jury room.
They have to vote and elect a chairperson and they all discuss the case.
They have to come up for unanonymous decision, so they must have the 10/2 votes for the
They then go back to the court and then the chairperson tells their final decision.
Advantages and disadvantages of using Juries in criminal cases:
Advantages Disadvantages
Public confidence They are normal people and They are not legal experts.
are not biased.
Jury equity Juries wont follow precedent from Media influence Media coverage could influence
past cases, so decisions are fair and based on facts.
Secrecy They go to the Jury room so they are free
Lack of understanding or knowledge.
from pressure.
Impartiality They are not connected to anyone in
Jurors maybe against the system ans rush into the
the case. decisions in order to leave


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