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These are Mini Courts set up by Act of Parliament
Set up to deal with specific legal areas
Take cases in these areas away from the courts so it doesn't come blocked with
too many cases deal with 1 million cases a year
Most well known are Employment Tribunal (deals with employment disputes) and
Social Security Tribunal (deals with benefit claims)
Also Rent and Immigration Tribunals ­ 70 Types in total
Each tribunal made up of 3 members ­ Legally qualified chairman and 2 lay
people who are experts in the field. The tribunal makes decision like a Judge.
The hearing is more informal than full court hearing ­ can be inquisitorial with
chairman asking questions, asking for evidence and helping the parties.
Individuals usually represent themselves.
Tribunals in all big towns and cities
1. Keeps courts free
2. Less intimidating than courts
3. Quicker
4. Case dealt with by experts
5. Cheaper for Government and individual
1. Still like a court and intimidating for ordinary person
2. Individual is likely to be up against someone more powerful than themselves
3. No legal Aid
4. Decision made by tribunal, not by individuals in the dispute


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