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Diamond, Graphite and Fullerenes are allotropes
of Carbon.
Allotropes are different forms of the same element
with atoms arranged in different molecular
structures.…read more

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Diamond is made of carbon atoms bonded to four other carbon atoms
by strong covalent bonds
Diamonds have a rigid structure.
They are insoluble in water because it has weak bonds.
They don't conduct electricity because it has no free
They can be used to cut tools because it is hard and
has a high melting point.…read more

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Graphite has a layered structure
It's insoluble in water because it has weak intermolecular
Conducts electricity because it has delocalised
electrons.…read more

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A Buckminster fullerene consists of 60
Carbon atoms arranged into a sphere
It's symbol is C60
It's a black solid
It makes a red solution when dissolved in petrol.…read more

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Chemists discovered that nanotubes could be made by joining
fullerenes together.
They conduct electricity and are very strong
They are used to reinforce graphite tennis rackets
because of their strength.…read more


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