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How plants produce food
carbon dioxide + water [+light
energy] -> glucose + oxygen
Testing for starch
Cover the leaf in
iodine solution.
Leave for a few
minutes. The
solution will turn
blue-black where
starch is present.
You can use this
test to see how
There are three
Here light is no
limiting factors for
longer a limiting
photosynthesis: light,
temperature and
carbon dioxide levels.
If one of these is in
short supply, they will
slow down the rate of
photosynthesis. Plant
growers need to know
this otherwise they
could waste money.…read more

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Optimum temperature
The rate of photosynthesis falls
here as the enzymes are
denatured after around forty
degrees centigrade.
The product of photosynthesis is
glucose which is used for
respiration. Glucose is also Plant roots take up
combined with other nutrients to mineral salts for
produce new materials. Glucose healthy growth.
can be stored as insoluble starch.
This is so it has no effect on
Mineral? Why needed? Deficiency
Nitrogen Making Small/stunted
proteins growth
Magnesium Making Pale, yellow
chlorophyll leaves…read more


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