Addictive Behaviour Studies Worksheet - Psychology A Unit 4 A2 Edexcel

A work sheet to help you remember all addiction studies.

Note: 'Research from 2012' I found this online and could not find the name of the researchers who did this study; the explanation is this: 

reviewed more than 2,300 patients aged from 17 to 86 years,  found that some personality traits associated with age are risk factors in different stages of life.  Younger patients (from 17 to 35 years) are more likely to be impulsive and seek new sensations that act as precipitating factors of gambling

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Researchers Topic Explanation
Shah et al, 2005 Gambling - initiation
Black et al, 2006 Gambling - initiation
Fowler, 2007 Gambling - initiation

Gambling - maintenance -
Paris et al, 2010 pituitary adrenal response
Gambling - maintenance -
Zuckerman, 1979 sensation seekers
Blaszczynski, 1990 Gamlbing - relapse
Vink et…

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Teeson et al, 2002 Personality
Belin et al, 2008 Personality
Weintraub et al, 2010 Personality
Personality - neuroticism and
Eysneck, 1967 psychoticism
Personality - neuroticism
Francis, 1996 and psychoticism
Personality - tri-
Clogier, 1987 (2) dimensional theory
Azjen, 1989 Assumptions
Godin et al, 2002 TPB

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