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Adaptations Harpy
Spider Monkeys
Parasol Ants
Ferns…read more

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Animal Adaptations to the Forest Floor
Layer ­ Parasol Ants
· Parasol Ants have adapted to have scissor-like
jaws that can cut segments out of leaves.
· They carry the leaf above their head like an
umbrella. This can protect them from rain
dripping down on them and disguise them from
predators, such as birds.
· They can carry these leaves back to their
underground nests and allow it to rot and break
down (with saliva) to produce a fungus that only
the ants will feed on.…read more

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Plant Adaptations to the Forest Floor
Layer ­ Ferns
· Ferns have adapted to being able photosynthesise
in the dark shady conditions on the forest floor.
· Where the canopy blocks the light, ferns are able
to grow in the dark shadows of the large trees
surrounding them.
· They also have adapted small fluffy hair/fur on
their leaves that allow rain droplets and the
humid air to keep them moist, making water
readily available.…read more

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Animal Adaptations to the Shrubs and Small Trees
Layer­ Spider Monkeys
· Spider Monkeys have adapted long and strong
tails. These powerful tails are what the
monkey depends on for transport as well as its
arms and legs.
· They use it as an extra limb, being able to
climb and catch onto lianas and low branches.
· They are able to get fruit and nuts that are not
available to animals on the forest floor.…read more

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Plants Adaptations to the Shrubs and Small Trees
Layer­ Lianas
· Lianas are plants that have adapted
themselves as vine-like. The advantage of this
is that they can now grow up high as they
spiral around the trunks of tall trees.
· Lianas do this so that they can reach the
sunlight that they need. They grow upwards
onto the trees and will eventually end up
revealed bare in the canopy layer.…read more

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Animal Adaptations to the Canopy
Layer­ Toco Toucan
· Toco Toucans are the most recognised species of
toucan. They have adapted to have long large
hard beaks.
· Their sharp beaks enable them to reach for fruit
growing on the trees that is close to them during
· As the Toco Toucan also enjoys nuts in its diet,
they use their extremely long and sharp beak to
crack the nutshells with their incredible strength.…read more

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