Adam And Eve

The story of Adam and Eve explained in great detail with it's connotations.

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Bawan Taib Monday 30th April 2012
9Burra Mrs Preece
The Adam & Eve Story
I think the Adam and Eve story is trying to explain to Christians why there is suffering and evil in the
world. The suffering was introduced when the fruit was picked off the tree. It also shows that God
punishes people if they do something wrong and disobey him. But lets them live a happy life if they
do not do anything wrong.
I think there is still some truth in the story today as there are still punishments today if you do
something wrong. For example, if you steal something you bay be fined and imprisoned. And if you
do something good you may even be praised.
The writer of the Adam and eve story is trying to say that humans have free will and can use it as
they wish, as Adam and eve took the fruit off the tree, even though they could have picked the fruit
off of any other tree in the garden. He is also trying to say if they use free will for bad causes they
will most likely be punished as Adam, Eve and the snake got punished as they were all part of the
bad choice. Therefore they got punished with Eve having painful child birth Adam having to work for
his food and supply his family and the snake having to slither along on his belly as opposed using his
legs to walk. I think the writer is right about this as most people, if they do something wrong, will
probably be punished, and should be punished as it will stop them doing it in the future.


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