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Activity holidays features on most geography specifications. This file discusses what an activity holiday is, along with relevant facts and examples.

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James Fortson
An activity holiday is where a particular interest or activity is the focal point of the
In 1996 there were over 13 million activity holidays which made up 20% of all holiday
trips. £2 billion was spent on activities holidays.
The key providers of activity holidays:
75% activity and holiday operators.
20% sailing, riding and golf centres.
5% schools/colleges.
The following groups of people go on activities holidays:
72% adults, no children.
15% families.
8% school groups.
5% unaccompanied children.
Location and Country Activities on offer Target Group
Egypt Sailing Teenagers, Adults
Greece Dingy sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing and Teenagers/ Adults
mountain biking.
USA Airboat trips, hovercraft. Adults
UK Football, rugby. Children

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