Activist Importance Timeline - African Americans 1865-1992

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Background Stood for Contributions Importance (1-10)
Born of slave parents Advocate of women's rights Began 1884 when she 3
and vote of women refused to give up seat on
Public opposition to lynching bus to a white man Failed to gain any
commitment from Congress
Carried out speeches for or President for a federal
National association of anti-lynching law.
Coloured Women
Mixed race parentage "cleanliness, thrift, Set up Tuskegee in 1881 to 5
punctuality, sobriety and help train people with
Benefitted from educational hard work". vocational studies Started to build bridges for
opportunities available after the blacks and Tuskegee
emancipation Critics argued that he Atlanta Speech 1895 ­ if acted as a gateway for
seemed to accept white whites could regard blacks education for such
supremacy as potential economic freedmen.
partners rather than
dangerous political
opponents the race question
would eventually be

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Son of freed black parents Viewed Booker T's views as Founded Niagara Movement 7
limited and dangerous for 1905 ­ wanted to campaign
PhD from Harvard ­ first future development of black to restore voting rights and Niagara outlined clear
African American to do so race. abolish all discrimination. principles of the belief in
Concerned he was not black equality.
challenging segregation Founded NAACP 1909 ­ first NAACP was to prove
proper civil rights significant in the progression
organisation.…read more

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Born Malcolm Little Criticised non-violent Became a very powerful and 8
approach to civil rights. widely recognised speaker.
Father a Garvey supporter Ideas enormously influential,
and was murdered for Strong believer of Black Saw that focus on but did not have enough
beliefs Superiority. desegregation and voting time before assassination to
rights was hampering make much of an impact.…read more

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Huey and Seale met at law Wanted to end white Ten-Point Programme 1
school capitalist control and police Damaged CRM ­ didn't want
brutality. equality, reinforced Disturbed and diverted
segregation through idea of attention from CRM
Ambiguous, diff things to black supremacy. highlighted issues but did it
diff people in a disruptive way which
Black identity, pride/culture, Their violence highlighted only reinforced Jim Crow
suffrage OR hostile, need for peaceful protest. Stereotype. But kept CRM
aggressive etc. on front page.…read more


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