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· Describe the process of active transport ­ including the role
of carrier proteins and the transfer of energy in transporting
substances against their concentration gradients.
· Explain the roles of diffusion, active transport and
cotransport in the absorption of the products of
carbohydrate digestion.…read more

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Transport across the Cell Membrane
Outside of cell
Proteins chains
Protein Phospholipids
Inside of cell
(cytoplasm)…read more

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Animations of Active
Types of Cellular Transport Transport & Passive
· Passive Transport !
cell doesn't use energy
1. Diffusion high
2. Facilitated Diffusion
3. Osmosis low
· Active Transport
This is
cell does use energy gonna
be hard
1. Protein Pumps high
2. Endocytosis
3. Exocytosis
low…read more

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Passive Transport
· cell uses no energy
· molecules move randomly
· Molecules spread out from an area of high
concentration to an area of low
· (HighLow)
· Three types:
1. Diffusion
2. Facilitative Diffusion ­ diffusion with the help of
transport proteins
3. Osmosis ­ diffusion of water…read more

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Passive Transport: Simple Diffusion
1. Diffusion
1. Diffusion: random movement
of particles from an area of
high concentration to an
area of low concentration.
(High to Low)
2. Diffusion continues until all
molecules are evenly spaced
(equilibrium is reached)-Note:
molecules will still move around but
stay spread out.…read more

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