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Active transport
L.O: What is active transport
Why is active transport so important?…read more

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Things You need to know:
Diffusion is the movement of fluid
along the concentration gradient
Osmosis is the movement of water,
along the concentration gradient of
Active transport is the movement
against the concentration gradient…read more

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Active transport requires energy to
carry a molecule across the
membrane and return back to its
original place
Root hair cells have a lot of
Mitochondria (to provide them with
the energy they need)…read more

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The Importance e of Active
In Plants- minerals + ions (low concentrated) to
the inside of the plant(high concentrated )
In Body- Glucose ( low concentrated) moved out
your gut and kidney tubules into your blood (
high concentrated)
In Marine reptiles- salt ( low concentration ) is
moved out of your body into the salt glands (
high concentration)…read more


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