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By Tom Richards 9L…read more

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What Is a Acid?
An acid is a substance witch reacts with an Alkali
(base.) On the PH scale an acid is under seven. If
you mix a acids with a alkali it is called
neutralisation. There are many types of acids and
alkalis, here are some of the dilute ones
hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid. It is
a non-metal substance. A Bee sting is acidic and
so its effects can be neutralised with bicarbonate
of soda or alkali.…read more

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What is a Alkali?
An alkali is a metal substance. A alkali is a
base and on the PH scale it is over 7. If the
alkali is concentrated it could cause a
chemical burn (caustic.) Also alkalis
neutralize acids. And a Wasp sting is
alkaline and so its effects can be
neutralised with vinegar or acid.…read more

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Examples of Acids and Alkalis
Acid:- Alkali:-
Alkali Lake Oregon, United
Sharp, sour taste States
citric fruits (lemons, Mono lake, California, United
oranges etc) Soapy feel
Vinegar Washing powder
Have a pH of 1-6 Oven cleaner
Have a pH of 8-14
Turn litmus indicator Turn litmus indicator BLUE
RED…read more

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Telling the difference
We can detect an acid or alkali using an indicator.
Indicators change colour in acids or alkalis.
Red in acids purple in neutral solutions blue in alkalis.…read more

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Strong acid
PH scale
Strong alkali…read more

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