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Ace of Spades

Isn't it amazing how the human mind works? 80% water and 20% pink goo, yet this simple
combination can condemn millions, or even save millions. Good and evil. Just a couple of
twisted wires. One twist, one turn can be salvation.....or damnation.

Southern London wasn't exactly Europe's…

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A hand reached out and claimed the Sambuca glass, dragging it into its lair, before almost
carelessly another hand joined it and threw the fiver on the bar.
The Golden eyes settled on the rather sweaty hand before them.
"Name's Jax" he murmured softly, before swigging his Sambuca, "And I…

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Finally...he had space. He switched his computer on and logged into his email client.
To: Sofia4
From: Jax6

Msg: Hey..... Nice nite? : P


Jax opened the message.

To: Jax6
From: Sofia4

Msg: The vodka jumped out and bit me :P back at ya

To: Sofia4
From: Jax6…

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"Oh shut up...I ain't gonna waste time on friend needs me"
The phone went dead.
Jax shut off his computer, grabbed his jacket and headed for the door.
"Oi Jax! I need your report!" yelled a distant voice. But Jax was in a world of his own,…

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almost shaking hands he lit, and inhaled the fumes. Wow...i've missed you....he put the
lighter back in his pocket, and went back into the loo.
"It's gone, and so has Carol judging by the very unnatural silence" he said softly.
"I thought you'd given up" she said eyeing his cigarette…

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Hell. Jax's eyes boggled at the pile of chips on the table, most were his chips. Oh
god...he's raised me all the way. He's got something... Jax tuned over his cards.
Duivel's face fell, Jax bit his lip to restrain his traitorous smile, then, in an almost hypnotic

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Somewhere, deep within the infinite depths of his brain, a voice laughed, Jax's stomach
tightened. Ever so slightly. And somewhere else, even deeper then the depths was the slow,
almost mesmerising sound from the tap behind him.

Drip. Drap.

You know...I actually quite admire you, coming here, leaving your…

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"Your tap's dripping" he whispered.
"Yep it's been doing it for the last hour" said the sofa. He sat down next to her.
"Are you staying tonight?" she purred, staring into his caramel eyes pleadingly. He sighed.
"Because....." he hesitated, "Because for the last two years, I've abused…

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"Hello, Directory Enquires"
"Hey, I'd like to know the number for Dr Stefan he runs surgery in Dagenham, London".
"Ok lemme check"
There was the sound of typing on a keyboard, and slurping of a hot beverage.
"Ok...its 02736 74250"
"Ok thanks"
The phone went dead. Jax would leave…

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Duivel ignored him.
"You took what was mine.....I have waited...hungered so long for revenge....."
"Oh....this is two years ago right? The bit I don't remember?!"
Duivel nodded.
"So...what did I do?"
"You seduced my soul Teri" rasped Duivel, his hazelnut eyes flashing
Jax stared at Duivel, then remembering…


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