Ace of Spades

My devilish year 9 GCSE creative writing piece, its not perfect, but it was graded an A :)

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Ace of Spades
Isn't it amazing how the human mind works? 80% water and 20% pink goo, yet this simple
combination can condemn millions, or even save millions. Good and evil. Just a couple of
twisted wires. One twist, one turn can be salvation.....or damnation.
Southern London wasn't exactly Europe's hotspot tourist destination, but the sheer density
of people in The Wet Dog made it seem so but maybe the blame lay firmly with the weather
in that respect. The moon seemed to hold sway, his eerie opal light cheerily taking over from
the clearly abused streetlights. In his elation at being the only light source, the moon failed to
notice the clouds, which were hanging over him like a pestilence, slowly soaking up his light,
and so, the streets of Southern London became dark and senseless. The wind though,
wasn't affected, she swept past The Wet Dog humming her sad lament, and picking up
various beer cans and throwing them a good few yards, one hit the door of The Wet Dog,
which went unnoticed by the crowd inside The Wet Dog.
The Barman of The Wet Dog was a simple soul. He had the full package, good job, nice
house, free beer, and of course, complete with a stamp and a good portion of yellow
ribbon, kids and a wife who seemed to exist just to clean up his and the kids mess. He liked
his punters not just because they gave him fistfuls of cash, he felt he could relate to them, he
was the sympathetic ear, the calm in the storm, the golden hand to reach out and give
salvation to the damned he emitted comfort, kindness and friendly love. He looked out from
behind his bar at his pride and joy. And he saw it was good. A little empty tonight, but still
good. He nodded to himself happily, before turning to wipe the dirt more evenly across the
oak surface. A sudden blast of warm air gently caressed the tiny black hairs on the back of
the Barmen's barrellike neck. He stiffened, dropped the cloth and left the dirt happily
dancing on the bar, and turned to the man behind him. The first thing the Barmen noticed
about the man before him was his eyes. They were golden. Pure shimmering pools of
twentyfour carat gold, which contrasted beautifully with his ravenblack hair. Like
strawberries and cream...... The Barmen abruptly stopped salivating over strawberries and
cream and took in the rest of the man before him. The nose was a chiselled shape, almost
sharp, the mouth was curved into a slightly sly looking grin, a shiver ran up the contours of
the barmen's spine. `Golden eyes' was dressed in a white shirt, which was eclipsed with a
fine leather jacket, and black jeans.
The Barmen decided diplomacy was a wise course of action.
"Haven't seen you around `ere Mr...What would you like?"
Golden eye's tongue flickered for a moment to moisten the skin above his lip, then, darted
back into the abyss.
"Sambuca" said the man in a heavy cockney accent, producing a fivepound note from his
breast pocket, "I usually have a much more...." The man's lip curled in distaste, "Civilised
place to relax in".
The Barmen turned away, reaching to a rather dusty bottle of Italian Sambuca he poured
out a little more then a measure, possibly because his hand was shaking slightly, before
depositing it on the bar.
"Name's John" said the Barmen, adopting a more confident tone, and tentatively extending a

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A hand reached out and claimed the Sambuca glass, dragging it into its lair, before almost
carelessly another hand joined it and threw the fiver on the bar.
The Golden eyes settled on the rather sweaty hand before them.
"Name's Jax" he murmured softly, before swigging his Sambuca, "And I don't do hands".
Jax turned away from the rather hurt Barmen, and found an armchair in the corner of the
bar.…read more

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Finally...he had space. He switched his computer on and logged into his email client.
To: Sofia4
From: Jax6
Msg: Hey..... Nice nite? : P
Jax opened the message.
To: Jax6
From: Sofia4
Msg: The vodka jumped out and bit me :P back at ya
To: Sofia4
From: Jax6
Msg: Yeah rite....Wat ya up to tonite?
To: Jax6
From: Sofia4
Msg: you at ur house at about 4?
He waited and waited for a reply, none came.…read more

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"Oh shut up...I ain't gonna waste time on friend needs me"
The phone went dead.
Jax shut off his computer, grabbed his jacket and headed for the door.
"Oi Jax! I need your report!" yelled a distant voice. But Jax was in a world of his own, he
charged through the door, and hailed the first can he saw.
Five minutes later he was stood in the porch of Sofia's house, he knocked.…read more

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Wow...i've missed you....he put the
lighter back in his pocket, and went back into the loo.
"It's gone, and so has Carol judging by the very unnatural silence" he said softly.
"I thought you'd given up" she said eyeing his cigarette
"Heck, when the hell did I say that...after a few shots I bet" he muttered.
"Jax...." She pleaded, giving him The Eyes. He sighed and made a show of rolling his eyes,
before stamping out the cigarette and depositing it into the waste bin.…read more

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Hell. Jax's eyes boggled at the pile of chips on the table, most were his chips. Oh
god...he's raised me all the way. He's got something... Jax tuned over his cards.
Duivel's face fell, Jax bit his lip to restrain his traitorous smile, then, in an almost hypnotic
manner, Duivel turned his cards face up. King and queen. Jax swore angrily, Duivel smirked
at him smugly.…read more

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Somewhere, deep within the infinite depths of his brain, a voice laughed, Jax's stomach
tightened. Ever so slightly. And somewhere else, even deeper then the depths was the slow,
almost mesmerising sound from the tap behind him.
Drip. Drap.
You know...I actually quite admire you, coming here, leaving your beloved behind...
Drip. Drap
Especially dafter I sent her that little message...
"You rotten b,"
The voice interrupted him.
Going to swear at me Jax? One day your anger will be your downfall.…read more

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Your tap's dripping" he whispered.
"Yep it's been doing it for the last hour" said the sofa. He sat down next to her.
"Are you staying tonight?" she purred, staring into his caramel eyes pleadingly. He sighed.
"Because....." he hesitated, "Because for the last two years, I've abused women for my
own pleasure....and i'm not treating you like that".
"I wish you would"
He grinned wickedly.
"I've got a blindin' headache"
"Aw......" she said slapping his shoulder playfully.…read more

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Hello, Directory Enquires"
"Hey, I'd like to know the number for Dr Stefan he runs surgery in Dagenham, London".
"Ok lemme check"
There was the sound of typing on a keyboard, and slurping of a hot beverage.
"Ok...its 02736 74250"
"Ok thanks"
The phone went dead. Jax would leave it till morning before ringing Stefan, he settled on the
pillow uncomfortably as his cuts stung, yet soon the uncertain world of sleep took over him.
Beep. Beep.…read more

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Duivel ignored him.
"You took what was mine.....I have waited...hungered so long for revenge....."
"Oh....this is two years ago right? The bit I don't remember?!"
Duivel nodded.
"So...what did I do?"
"You seduced my soul Teri" rasped Duivel, his hazelnut eyes flashing
Jax stared at Duivel, then remembering the gun, he shuffled uncomfortably.
"II really don't remember..."
"Teri died for her..." Duivel's lip curled in disgust, "mistake"
"I'm sorry"
" must pay penance...…read more


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