Account of a Titanic Survivor Essay

My english paper for english language on the Account of a Titanic Survivor

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I wish I could turn back the clock and do something, anything, that could have
changed the outcome of that day..
! Me, my father and my baby sister, Rose, strolled up to the unsinkable
Titanic, each one of us as proud as punch, brimming with joy at the thought of the
adventure we were about to embark on. It was a breathtaking ship with a look of
grace and wonder that held in your gaze like that one star on a cloudless night, A
red carpet was rolled down the steps leading to the deck and we boarded. The
deck alone was stunning, I could have stayed up there forever.
! The boat left Southampton with the elegance of a Queen. Rose and I were
waved off by our mother, tissue in hand. This was out first time away from her and I
hoped that it would be memorable. The other boats we passed submerged in the
Titanic's shadow, like stars against the moon. Our room was as stunning as the rest
of the ship, a golden chandelier hung solemnly above us, while a gentle breeze
danced around us from the porthole that overlooked the daunting but iridescently
beautiful ocean that glinted every colour against the backdrop of the night sky. A
truly stunning end to a truly stunning day.
! I woke unwillingly, a bed of the finest goose-down beckoning me to stay. After
getting dressed into my Sunday best, my father escorted Rose and I down to
breakfast. We opened two minuscule doors to an area so cast and intricate that it
could have belonged to the Gods. Days on the Titanic flew by; I could never tire of
the opulent ship that sailed through the water like a swan on a lake.
! Each night I lay awake, not wanting to wake up from this dream I seemed to
be in. Rose was still in a deep sleep when I was startled by a tremendous
screeching sound that sliced through the ship like a nails on a chalkboard. Looking
around for my father, it dawned on me that something ghastly was afoot. Taking
Rose up into my arms, I ran up the the deck. Staff and crew alike huddled together
in an elegant meeting room, worried looks washed upon their faces like seaweed
on a rocky beach. Then, suddenly, they poured out of the boardroom like water
from a tap. Few hazy minuted had passed by the butterflies in my stomach had
made it feel like an eternity. Where was my father? What was that bloodcurdling
noise? Why did the crew look so afraid? Around me, people began to crowd the
deck, many still in pajamas and dressing gowns. Something haunting hit me... They
were all wearing lifejackets. Only when one was thrust into my own face did I
realise for the first time was was unravelling before me. The ship was sinking.
! Trying to stay calm, I called for my father, but he was nowhere to be seen.
Rose began to weep in my arms, too young to know what was really happening, but
old enough to sense the fear in the atmosphere surrounding her. I felt like a bird
trapped in a cage; there was nothing I could to do console her or make her feel
safe. Around us, men had began to escort their wives and children onto the
lifeboats, a large, muscular seaman just a little older than myself tried to usher me
into one of the nearby boats but I refused, I was going nowhere without my father.
After a very short lived argument, he picked me up, and literally threw me into the
boat as it plunged into the icy depths of the sea that now was engulfing half of the
once great ship.

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We watched weakly as the Titanic tilted ever so slightly toward the bow, a
gentle creek escaped from the hull as items inside began to slide across the floor. It
looked so unsafe compared to the unsinkable monster that I boarded without doubt
only a while back, I could hardly believe my eyes.…read more


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