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Abyssinia is in the North east of
Africa next to the Italian Colonies
of Eritrea and Somaliland.
Mussolini wanted to revive the
glory of the Roman Empire by
defeating Abyssinia.
Abyssinia to this day is called
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Italy invaded Abyssinia in
Italian planes, tanks and
poisonous gas soon took
over the ill equip Abyssinia
with their Spears and
Italy's 100,000-strong
army invaded Abyssinia.
The Italian troops used
poison gas and attacked
Red Cross hospitals.
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League of nations ­ take action?
Haile Selassie, ruler of Abyssinia, appealed to
the League of nations.
Italy was a permanent member of the Council
of the League.
The crisis was much more `important' than the
Manchurian Crisis because it was closer to
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What do the League do?
The Council of the League decided to place
economic sanctions on Italy
But didn't ban oil because Italy received it from USA
They also didn't ban the import of coal because
Britain was afraid it might lead to more
unemployment in Britain's mining industry.
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Britain and France refused
to close the Suez Canal.
Britain and France wanted
to keep Mussolini as an
ally against Germany.
As they had made the Stresa
Front with Italy.
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