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Absolute Cell References
What's an absolute cell reference?
An absolute cell reference is something that you need to if you want your formula to always
refer to the same cell that you put in the first time. Using the absolute cell reference makes
sure the chosen cell into an absolute cell. For example you may type in a cell reference (B3)
and want to add a formula into another cell that subtracts itself from B3. However if you
decided to drag this cell down, which is called replicating, it would change B3 to B4, B5, B6
and so on. If this happens then most of your spreadsheet may turn out wrong and this could
cause many problems. It could also go unnoticed for a long while. This is why you need to make
sure that you use an absolute cell reference so you know that you're not making a mistake.
When a formula is absolute it will stay absolutely the same when it is replicated.
What does it look like and how do you use it?
An absolute cell reference would look like any other formula however you would need to add a
dollar sign ($) in front of the cell letter and number to show that you want them to stay the
same throughout even if you replicate the formula for any other cells. To make B3 into an
absolute cell reference you would write it as $B$3. The way you would use it in a regular
formula is just like you normally would. E.g. =(B3+C3) would turn into =($B$3+C3) if you wanted
B3 to stay the same.


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