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About a Boy Quotes

`They're better than the ones we had in Cambridge, aren't they?' Marcus said
cheerfully. It wasn't true.
`He always had a tune in his head, when he was nervous, the tune just sort of slipped
`He knew what she was doing and why, and…

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`No wonder he was a weirdo' Marcus
`I'm depressed. It's an illness'
Ellie and Kurt:
`Ellie was famous. She was always in trouble for something' Marcus
`She looked at him and laughed once'
`Home come every squitty little shitty snotty bastard knows my name?'
`Do you know what I'm supposed…

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`Marcus woke up every halfhour or so...10:41, 11:19, 11:55...'
`He couldn't believe he was going to have to go back there the next morning, and the
morning after that'
`He just wasn't right for schools'
`He'd still be who he was, and that, it seemed to him, was the basic…


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