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About a Boy Quotes
`They're better than the ones we had in Cambridge, aren't they?' Marcus said
cheerfully. It wasn't true.
`He always had a tune in his head, when he was nervous, the tune just sort of slipped
`He knew what she was doing and why, and he hated her'
`Neither of them said a word. What else was he supposed to do?'
`Are you getting these questions out of a book?'
`I think I've killed a duck'
`Everything about that two minutes was mysteriously memorable'
`A new part of his life began, bang, without any warning at all'
`Yeah I suppose so. But...that's not the point, is it?'
`He was merely stopping off on this planet on his way to somewhere else' Will
`She had loads more questions, except the way she asked them was a bit boring'
`Marcus came out of his room scowling'
`Whose expression was that of a boy who had been asked to dance naked before a
mixed group of supermodels and cousins'
`He was dry ice! He was Frosty the Snowman!'
`You couldn't get much cooler than subzero'
`It was bad enough that they had children in the first place'
`He blushed'
`I'm a single father. I have a two year old boy'
`Will only just managed to restrain himself from rubbing his hands together'
`His way of coping with the days was to think of activities as units of time'
`He knew they were both a little flaky, but...'
`No, it wasn't the quality that embarrassed him, it was the sincerity'
`Will found himself working Marcus's visits into the fabric of his day'
`Will couldn't remember the last time he felt like thumping someone. Fuck off'
`November the nineteenth. November the fucking nineteenth'
`Are you incapable of conducting a conversation without resorting to sarcasm?' Fiona
`But he was good, Will could see that now' about Marcus
`Will fell in love on New Year's Eve'
`Wanting Rachel so much frightened Will'
`He was struggling to maintain the age gap now'
`Will knew that Marcus would be OK'
`She was telling him that only shallow people made judgements on the basis of
clothes or hair' Marcus
`His mother started crying before breakfast' Marcus
`Making a terrible moaning noise'
`Her head was lolling towards the floor'
`Shall I put the film back on?' Marcus
"When she wasn't crying over the breakfast cereal, she was laughing about killing
herself' Marcus
`What planet did this woman live on?' Will
`She started crying again, long, low sobs that terrified him'

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No wonder he was a weirdo' Marcus
`I'm depressed. It's an illness'
Ellie and Kurt:
`Ellie was famous. She was always in trouble for something' Marcus
`She looked at him and laughed once'
`Home come every squitty little shitty snotty bastard knows my name?'
`Do you know what I'm supposed to have done wrong?'
`We're adopting him, sir'
`Is that what people drink? Coke and sherry?'
`You pathetic little shitbags'
`He wants to die.…read more

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Marcus woke up every halfhour or so...10:41, 11:19, 11:55...…read more


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