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Abortion Notes...
Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by artificial
In The UK, Abortion is legal up to the 24th Week of
pregnancy and must have the agreement of 2 doctors.
After that time an abortion can only be carried out if there is
a serious threat to the life of the mother or the foetus is
severely disabled.
There is much debate about abortion regarding, the moral
status of the foetus, whether the foetus is a person or not?
If the foetus is a person, then it has rights including the right
to life.
Some argue that the foetus is an innocent person and it is
morally wrong to end the life of an innocent person therefore
it is morally wrong to end the life of a foetus.
The Sanctity Of Life.. (Against abortion)
States that all life is special, sacred & Godgiven.
God Has a plan for every human life `Not one is forgotten in
God's sight'
Life should not be destroyed `You shall not kill'
Unborn life should be protected.
It values all human life equally regardless of status or

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It states clearly that killing is always wrong & respects the
individual's future.
Peter singer stated that to treat human life as having special
priority over animal life is `speciesim'.
So we ought to value all life and not just humans.
The sanctity of life cannot cope with conflicts of duty which
life is more sacred: that of the mothers of that of the foetus?
Prochoice (For abortion)
The quality of life is important.…read more

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Jane English amended Thompson's example
Imagine that you go out at night, knowing that you
might be rendered unconscious and hooked up to the
violinist. You would be still according to English be
entitled to unhook yourself. This case is more closely
analogous to conventional cases of unwanted
pregnancy.…read more


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