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Unit 7: Medical Ethics

Abortion: Deliberately ending the life of an unborn child (Legal in UK but with restrictions)

1967 Abortion Act
Legal in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy
2 doctors must agree that
Mother's physical/mental health at risk
Mother's life at risk
Existing children's physical/mental health at…

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AGAINST abortion

1. Children are a precious gift from God. Life is given by God and to be taken away only by God. No one
has the right to destroy it an unborn child has the right to live
"If we live, we live to the Lord, if we…

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Views from the Church

General Christian Principles

Sanctity of Life: "So God created man in His own image"
Foetus is a PERSON from conception
Christians should show agape love(charity; compassion): "Love thy neighbour"
Must not murder other people: "Thou shall not murder"

Church of England

Anglicans try to show…

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Pro-choice movement/stance argues that personal choice should be valued and protected at all cost.
My body is my own. No one else should dictate what happens to it.



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