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Dictionary Definition…read more

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Types of Abortion
· Natural Abortion
­ No human intervention
­ Called `miscarriages'
· Procured Abortion
­ Result of human intervention
­ Both Medical Procedures and Contraception
count as Abortion…read more

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Abortion is increasingly common in the UK:
Just under 200,000 abortions
carried out in England and
Wales during 2010.
These were all before the 24th week of
pregnancy, where abortion is forbidden
afterwards.…read more

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Pope John Paul II…read more

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The Didache of the Roman Catholic Church…read more

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Roman Catholicism
· Most Roman Catholics see abortion as being
intrinsically evil, and never acceptable.
· This is because it is viewed as tragic and
painful for the mother as well as an act of
murder.…read more

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The 1917 Code of Canon Law…read more

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Methodist Christians
· Most Methodist Christians say that abortion is always
an evil, but it can be the lesser of two evils. (eg. Saving
the life of the mother)
· In these cases, the death of the foetus is seen only as
an unfortunate side effect of saving the mother's life.…read more

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· Most Jews do not consider abortion to be
· This is because the foetus is not given the
status of a `full human'.…read more


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