Attached is a sheet about different scenarios people might face  and which groups would permit abortion in this case, By groups I mean Muslims, Law, Catholic Church and Methodist Church. Hope it helps you with understanding the different views people have on abortion and why they may or not may allow abortion. 

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Abortion Scenario's
1. Read the different scenarios where woman wish to have an abortion.
2. Then decide which group below would permit an abortion. Shade each scenario using a
different colour and then write down the reason for your answers.
a) The current legal system (Law) b) Roman Catholic Church
c) Methodist d) Muslims.
1. 45yearold woman is 19weeks pregnant. She had stopped having
regular menstrual cycles and did not believe she could become pregnant. A
detailed ultrasound has revealed severe foetal abnormalities. Her
12yearold son has numerous physical and developmental disabilities and
requires constant attention. She does not feel able to manage another
specialneeds child.
2. A 21yearold in her second year at university just found out she is
15weeks pregnant. As a result of her menstrual cycle being irregular, she
did not realize she was pregnant. This is her first pregnancy. Her
contraceptive method failed, even though she is quite certain she used it
properly. She is the first person from her poor, rural village ever to attend
university. She is experiencing acute anxiety at the thought of continuing
this pregnancy.
3. A 25yearold woman is 16weeks pregnant. She has two children under
the age of four. She has just discovered that she has cervical cancer and
requires a hysterectomy and chemotherapy if she is to have any chance of
survival. The hysterectomy would result in the death of the foetus she is
4. A 28yearold woman is 14weeks pregnant. She is unemployed, an
alcoholic and does not use birth control regularly. She does not know who
the father of this baby is. Two of her children were born with foetal alcohol
syndrome, and all three of her children are being cared for by her mother in
another part of the country.
5. A 23yearold woman with two young children is 17weeks pregnant. She
and her younger child are HIV positive. Her husband died of AIDSrelated
illnesses two years ago and left her without any financial support. She is not
able to afford antiretroviral treatment, and she has been hospitalized for
opportunistic infections several times in the past year.
6. A 15yearold is 18weeks pregnant as a result of rape by her stepfather.
When she told her mother about the rape and pregnancy, her mother told

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She has been staying at a friend's house. She
continues to attend public school, where she has been a high achieving
student. She is experiencing great distress about the rape and pregnancy,
and her schoolwork is suffering.…read more


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