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Christian Views
Abortion: The premature removal of the foetus
from the womb…read more

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Reasons for Abortion
Financial reasons ( Cannot support baby)
Baby would be severely disabled
Used as a contraception method
No partner to help
Mother's life at risk
Rape…read more

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Arguments for and against
For Against
Women have the right to control their own fertility- no one else can There are many people with disabilities who live fulfilled lives. You
decide because the woman will have to live with the consequences. can't tell how a persons life will turn out.
Sometimes abortion is the most loving thing to do. We have to speak for those who can't defend
The woman is an actual human. Her rights should There are many people who want children and could provide them
with a loving home. Depriving others of this chance is selfish.
outweigh those of an unborn human.
The foetus doesn't know how it feels to live whereas the mother The idea that some lives are more important than others
does. What it doesn't know it can't miss however the mother's could lead to negative effects in society and could lead to
whole life would change.
No existence is better than that of living in constant pain or The foetus is not just part of the mother's
being unwanted/ unloved.
body. It has the potential to be a human and
some think it is a human.…read more

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ALL Christians believe that life
begins at conception.…read more

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At conception, there is a potential for life. This is part of
God's plan and therefore abortion can never be
considered acceptable.
Only justification = Doctrine of Double effect
Doctrine of Double effect: something good comes out of
something bad. E.g an ectopic pregnancy where the
sperm meets the egg in the fallopian tube and there
would be no possibility for the foetus to survive
In the above case an abortion is accepted to stop the
mother from dying…read more

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Some Protestant churches accept abortion
in some cases
Other Christians do not believe the foetus is a
person- they believe it is only `potential life'
and therefore the life is not sacred
Some believe the foetus becomes a person
when it is capable of surviving on its own at
22 weeks…read more

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