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Cause & explanation Research Evaluation Treatment
McGuffin et al ­ studies Techniques e.g. Drug treatment
BIOLOGICAL comparing twins where MRI scans show 1) Anti anxiety ­ eg Bz's
one is suffering from Calming effect by inhibiting nervous system by enhanc
there are biological
B ­ brain injury: e.g. Phineas Gage, pole through front of brain, survived but sepression. If components
GABA production (neurotransmitter calming effect on
with massive personality transformation. Korkasoff syndrome = memory brain) 70% success rate with panic disorders but very
monozygotic twins, 46% Research show addictive
loss from substance abuse concordance rate that genetic link 2) Antidepressants ­ improve mood by making
I ­ infection can lead to secondary illness i.e. Syphilis = STD, short term other will suffer and duo Drugs can work neurotransmitters e.g. serotonin available ­ side effect
zygotic 20% can range from dry mouth to suicidal thoughts. Not
causes sores but followed by general paresis and forgetfulness, mental Doesn't blame the
addictive but often psychological dependence. Study:
deterioration, delusions. Influenze virus linked to schizophrenia ­ 14% all individual for the
Gotteman ­ meta patients given SSRI 3 months 50-65% showed improvem
schizophrenics exposed to influenza virus in womb in first trimester disorder h/w placebo 25-30%
analysis 40 twin studies
Reductionist, 3) Anti psychotic ­ e.g. major tranquilisers ­ sedate and
N ­ neurotransmitter imbalance. Too much/too little can lead to abnormality schizophrenia
environmental alienate symptoms such as hallucinations, help disorde
e.g one factor in schizophrenia is high levels of dopamine and the extreme 48% monozygotic such as schizophrenia.
factors ignored
manic stage of bipolar depression is thought to be caused by high serotonin 17% duo zygotic Overall effective many patients
For genetic studies,
levels. Controversial (placebos can do well,
genetics are not a
G ­ genetics ­ measured using concordance rate complete
dependence etc)
Side effects worse than symptoms?
Symptoms come back when course of drugs
By finding out that Mental institutions used to use to `quieten'
it is genetic, people patients, making easier to deal with Menta
suffering from an health act 2007 right to refuse
abnormality may be
encouraged to do Electro-convulsion therapy
nothing about it Originally used treat schizophrenia 1938 ­ strong
electrical current passed through two electrodes one
either sied eof forehead to cause seizures and loss of
consciousness. Modern technique is used in SEVERE
cases of depression and involve ½ a second of strong
electrical current whilst patient is under anaesthetic nd
muscle relaxant to ensure no physical seizure. Can be b
or uni lateral (one or both sides) Typically one course
involves 6/9 sessions a month.
Quick compared to drug therapy
Usually effective as LAST RESORT

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We don't really know how or why it works. Is
appropriate to use?
1/3 patients suffer from memory loss
Cardiovascular problems and headaches
Just treating symptoms
Influential work: The `talking therapy' ­ analysis of psyche (the mind).
PSYCHODYNAMIC over years, ideas Freuds goal: to make the unconscious, conscious. Conf
Much behaviour driven by unconscious motvies from childhood.…read more

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Classical or operant conditioning or social learning (learning from behaviour doesn't Aversion therapy
watching others) present problem to Rid of unwanted behaviour by pairing with something
individual or unpleasant e.g. lacing alcohol with laxative so alcoholic
will be ill every time drinks therefore putting off habit
others, isn't Lots of research support
regarded as mental Distress/pain/discomfort
disorder Dependant on willingness of individual
Can treat issues
In contrast to
doesn't search and
sort underlying
cause.…read more

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Beck believed ­ve thoughts underlie mental disorders & was particularly using cognitive processes Is irrational or logical disputing: showing that beliefs don't follow logi
interested in why people suffer from depression.…read more


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