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Cause & explanation Research Evaluation Treatment
McGuffin et al ­ studies Techniques e.g. Drug treatment
BIOLOGICAL comparing twins where MRI scans show 1) Anti anxiety ­ eg Bz's
one is suffering from Calming effect by inhibiting nervous system by enhanc
there are biological
B ­ brain injury: e.g. Phineas Gage,…

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We don't really know how or why it works. Is
appropriate to use?
1/3 patients suffer from memory loss
Cardiovascular problems and headaches
Just treating symptoms

Influential work: The `talking therapy' ­ analysis of psyche (the mind).
PSYCHODYNAMIC over years, ideas Freuds goal: to make the unconscious, conscious. Conf

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Classical or operant conditioning or social learning (learning from behaviour doesn't Aversion therapy
watching others) present problem to Rid of unwanted behaviour by pairing with something
individual or unpleasant e.g. lacing alcohol with laxative so alcoholic
will be ill every time drinks therefore putting off habit
others, isn't Lots of…

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Beck believed ­ve thoughts underlie mental disorders & was particularly using cognitive processes Is irrational or logical disputing: showing that beliefs don't follow logi
interested in why people suffer from depression. He identified two mechanisms (this is an automatic negative thinking a from info available
he thought to be [email protected]


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