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Definitions of abnormality

Deviation from Social Norms

All societies have social norms- standards of acceptable behaviour such as politeness, appropriate
sexual behaviour etc. There are formal laws and implicit rules concerning what people expect from
the behaviour of others. People who behave in a deviant way are considered antisocial…

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autonomy, accurate perception of reality and environmental mastery. It is based on Maslow's
hierarchy of needs. This definition proposes that the absence of these criteria indicated abnormality
and a potential mental disorder- this is the only positive definition of abnormality as it only alludes to
the possibility of mental disorder.…

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-little evidence for some ideas e.g. little
evidence links the anal stage to obsessive
compulsive disorder
-treatment is costly and time consuming

2. Behavioural Approach

Behaviourists focus on observable behaviour. The behavioural approach is concerned with the
learning of behaviours through experiences such as the acquisition of abnormal behaviours through…

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system, out genetic make-up (genotype) and the biological environment can be important in mental
illness (an aspect of our phenotype.)

Genetic Influence

It doesn't usually refer to the transmission of 1 particular gene but rather a predisposition for a
specific disorder (vulnerability.) It is studied in 3 ways: family history,…

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Faulty Thinking

Irrational assumptions prevent us from behaving adaptively. Therefore the issue itself is not the
problem but the way we think about it. So If a person can control their `automatic thoughts, they
should lessen their discomfort.

Ellis' ABC Model

The ABC model is defined by an activating event…

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SSRI worked best on well educated, employed white women with no other disorders. In general
drugs help many patients, but not all.

Ethical Issues- One problem is that even though drugs work, they are not necessarily the best option,
depending on the condition. Drugs are relied on because they are…

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+ Long length of treatment correlates with the effectiveness of the treatment in the long term.
Tschucheke found that the longer the treatments were, the better the outcomes were suggesting
that it takes motivation and effort for it to be effective

+ Can be administered outside of hospitals which reduces…

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-Butler -06 reviewed 16 Meta analyses and found CBT was very effective for disorders like
depression anxiety and phobias. However it was less effective for things like alcoholism. As it is
useful for mental disorders and non-clinical populations it means it is highly appropriate
-Engels found that it was…




A very detailed set of revision notes for the entire topic of Abnormality.  My students would love these!



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