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This is when a person or small group of people change their attitudes / behaviour to fit in with
the behaviour / attitudes of a larger group of people.
Reasons why people conform:
The desire to be right ­ Informational Influence (Usually in ambiguous situations)
The desire to be liked ­ Normative Influence (Usually in unambiguous situations)
Asch (1956)
123 male undergraduate students were tested one participant per test. Each test also
included five confederates. Some of the confederates gave misleading information in the
`critical trials'.
The real participants were told the experiment was a study on sight and perception however
the real purpose of the study was to see whether the participant conformed to the rest of the
group with an answer that was clearly wrong. The group of undergraduates were told they
had to say which number line was the same length as the single line they were shown.
37% of the real participants' responses were incorrect. They did conform to the majority view.
However this is more proof to show individuality as 63% of responses were still correct.
Only 25% of participants did not conform at all.
Types of conformity
Going along with the majority view despite disagreeing.
Behaviour changes but beliefs do not.
For example Apologising when you don't mean it.
Belief changes to the view of the majority.
Behaviour changes and beliefs change too
For example Being converted to a different religion.
Your views change to become part of a group.
Behaviour changes and beliefs change too
For example, Supporting a popular football team.


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