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Ablative Absoloute
Most Common:
Perfect Passive Participle
Ablative Absolute Happens before the main clause
Hïs verbïs dictïs, Caesar descëdit.
Having said these words, Caesar departed.
Acceptïs litterïs, Caesar descëdit.
Having received these letters, Caesar departed.
How to spot a P.P.P:
1. It will have `ss' or a`t' at the end of the stem (just before the ending).
2. `-ion' can be added to the end of it to reveal an English abstract noun (For example miss-us =
Present Active Participle
Ablative absolute and main clause happen at the same time.
Leöne adveniente,fëmina discëssit.
With the lion approaching,the woman left.
Caesere milites ducente, Roma orbem superavit
While Caesar was leading the soldiers, Rome conquered the world.
You can spot the P.A.P because it always has `-NT' at the end of the stem.


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