Abiotic and Biotic Factors Powerpoint

Powerpoint. This is meant to be presented, so the notes on the slides are only summary notes. there are additional notes in the notes section underneath most slides. also contains an example exam question from edexcel unit 4, with the answers in the notes beneath that slide.

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Living elements of a habitat which affect the
ability of a group of organisms to survive there.
Predation, territory, competition, finding a mate
and parasitism.…read more

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Number of prey affects the number of predators
­ oscillating relationship.
A biological interaction where a predator feeds
on its prey.…read more

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Most likely used to
make sure that a
breeding pair has
enough resources to
raise their young.
The type and size of
territory will
determine which
species live in a
particular community.…read more

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Competition occurs when two organisms are competing for the
same resource which is in limited supply.
Intraspecific competition
Interspecific competition…read more

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The likelihood of
finding a mate will
help to determine the
organisms which are
found in any habitat.
Availability of mates
affects the abundance
of types of animals or
plants living in an
area.…read more

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