About a Boy Marcus quotes

These quotes cover the character of Marcus throughout the book with some basic analysis and linked themes.  There is enough space in the upper right corner to hole punch these cards once printed to create quote cards to help you revise. Hope they Help!

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"Dead Duck Day"- A SYMBOL, "People quite often thought
ODD CHAPTERS foreshadows Fiona's suicide Marcus was being funny when
- ODD attempt. he wasn't"- Opening lines.
Ch.9 Sympathy, given access to his
thoughts & feelings. He fails to
ENG.LITERATURE understand mature concepts so
is laughed at.
"He just wasn't right for "Marcus and his mother "But this was the scariest "He'll be imprisoned for a
schools. Not secondary schools, were vegetarians."- Hornby uses thing he'd ever seen... he'd have crime he never committed" ­
anyway. That was it."- the omniscient third person to think about forever" ­ on Marcus on Dead Duck Day, he
Loneliness, no acceptance, narrator to tell us this. Fiona's suicide attempt, Can can be immature, has an active
sympathy, familiar plot line. Ch.1 distinguish fantasy from reality. imagination. Humour from
Bullying. Depression & Death. Hornby.
Ch.3 Ch.9 Ch.9
"The first sort of life had "...that lived right down "He didn't want to watch any "During the night after his
ended four years ago, when the bottom of caves and the soaps, because soaps were full first day Marcus woke up
of trouble, and he was worried that the
he was eight and his mum and couldn't see anything, a fish that every half-hour or so. He could
trouble in the soaps would remind his
dad had split up;"- Familiar plot nobody could see the point of;"- mum of the trouble she had in her own
tell from the luminous hands of
line-marriage break ups, Could reflect Marcus, metaphorical
life."- R his dinosaur clock."- Familiar
elationship with Fiona, repetition of
sympathy. Parenthood. language. Could relate to Wills idea of plot line-first day of school.
trouble makes it emphasised. Sympathy.
people drowning in ch.12. Isolation.
Ch.1 Marcus is caring. Ch.1 Sympathy. Third-person.
Ch.1 Ch.3
"Macaulay Culkin probably Hornby emphasises "He just nodded and smiled (Will on Marcus) "...kind of
got three hundred and fifty at her; it was an OK thing to ironic that this strange and
pounds a week, maybe even "OK" a lot in Marcus' say."- His hate for school is lonely child could make all these
more, which meant that if he chapters suggesting that getting to him so he avoids an connections, and yet remain so
were Macaulay Culkin he could Marcus' life is just "OK". argument with his mum by not unconnected himself." ­
pay his mum to teach him."- Pop saying anything. Loneliness. Loneliness. Family/Relationships.
culture. Unhappiness,
Marcus also has authorial Acceptance. Parenthood. Ch.34
third-person. Ch.3 approval. Optimistic. Ch.3

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Two wasn't enough, that "Because I need a father." - "He was having a shit time at 'Snoop Doggy Dogg had a
was the trouble." ­ He is Marcus guilt trips his mum school and a shit time at home, bad attitude to women' - Fiona
lonely and wants more people, and lies to win an argument, and as home and school was all imposes her views on him so he
to share his responsibility and Bildungsroman. Family.…read more

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He's my friend" ­ Marcus "It felt as though he were "...now there were loads (To Ellie) "How did someone
enjoys Will's company.…read more

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Marcus, we don't want "...as koala bears have with "He knew what she was We can interpret that
you hanging around with us piranha fish. But now, because doing and why, and he hated
anymore."- feel sympathy for of him, the koala bears had her."- About Ms Maguire who Marcus' naivety and
him, hard time with life in fallen into the sea and the along with the class isolated inability to get jokes is a
general. Isolation. Rejection.…read more


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