About a Boy Marcus quotes

These quotes cover the character of Marcus throughout the book with some basic analysis and linked themes.  There is enough space in the upper right corner to hole punch these cards once printed to create quote cards to help you revise. Hope they Help!

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"Dead Duck Day"- A SYMBOL, "People quite often thought
ODD CHAPTERS foreshadows Fiona's suicide Marcus was being funny when
- ODD attempt. he wasn't"- Opening lines.
Ch.9 Sympathy, given access to his
thoughts & feelings. He fails to
ENG.LITERATURE understand mature concepts so
is laughed…

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"Two wasn't enough, that "Because I need a father." - "He was having a shit time at 'Snoop Doggy Dogg had a
was the trouble." ­ He is Marcus guilt trips his mum school and a shit time at home, bad attitude to women' - Fiona
lonely and wants more…

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"He's my friend" ­ Marcus "It felt as though he were "...now there were loads (To Ellie) "How did someone
enjoys Will's company. Their changing" - thanks to Will and of people" and "I feel safer you had never met understand
friendship has developed, Ellie, Marcus is beginning to than…

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"'Marcus, we don't want "...as koala bears have with "He knew what she was We can interpret that
you hanging around with us piranha fish. But now, because doing and why, and he hated
anymore."- feel sympathy for of him, the koala bears had her."- About Ms Maguire who Marcus'…


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