About a Boy Fiona Quotes

These quotes cover Fiona's character throughtout the book, with some analysis and linked themes in green font. There is enough space in the upper right corner to hole punch these cards once printed to create quote cards to help you revise. Hope they Help!

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(Will) "Fiona had lost a big chunk of (Will) "She even closed her eyes "It feels more like I'm tired and
Marcus and got to stay away from the when she was singing."- She is a bit bored and the party's gone on too
casualty ward"- D epression. loopy, and is committed to music. She is long and I want to go home." ­
AaB QUOTES ­ Relationships. She has a "music therapist." P op culture, means Euphemism, her telling Marcus she
Changed/Bildungsroman. nothing to her. Ch.14 wants to die. P arenting. Death &
ENG.LITERATURE Ch.36 Depression. The use of first person
suggests she feels Isolated. Ch. 11
(Will)"she was just too hippy"- "Marcus is doing fine,"- oblivious to (Marcus) "His mother started crying "I don't want to stop writing this, but
personality, she is whimsical and the problems in her son's life as before breakfast"- Fiona has I can't think of any reason to keep it
her and Will have no mutuality. Pop she has her own to deal with, lack of depression, which distances her from going" - symbolic of the effect of
culture. Relationships. communication. Parenting. Bullying. Marcus. Parenting. Depression. Ch. 5 Fiona's depression. She feels alone.
Ch.14 Relationships. Ch.17 Depression. Isolation. The `it' is her life
and shows her lack of Responsibility.
"listening to Joni Mitchell and Bob you (Marcus) "All do is make my meals "Suzie's much more capable than I (Will) "...she hadn't really wanted
Marley...was much better for him I than and could do that." - She fails to support am" - Fiona doubts her parenting to be a mother, and that sometimes
listening to Snoop Doggy Dogg...it was him emotionally. Due to her mental health.
abilities. Parenting. Depression. she hated Marcus with a passion that
more important to read books than to play on Parenting. Responsibility. Neglectful,
the Gameboy"- The views she imposes on First
difficult second with. and
to sympathise Ch.7 worried her;"- She struggles looking
her son prevent him from fitting in with his person is used, can represent the gap after Marcus and addresses their
peers. Parenting. Pop culture. Ch.3 between them. relationship is bad. Responsibility.
Ch.7 Parenting. Ch.32

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Marcus knew he was weird, and he "If you give us another chance, "I think I'm just on top of things more."-
greeny-brown gauze."- suggests knew that part of the reason he was you won't regret it"- she is being She feels better as she has less
she may be isolated and lonely. weird was because his mum was melodramatic, but shows she really responsibility for Marcus who has
Empathetic character. Clearly suffering weird.…read more


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