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"Writing is about culture and should be about everything. That's
what makes it what it is." Irvine Welsh

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Scottish Culture
Irvine Welsh is a Scottish writer who
choose to set Trainspotting in Edinburgh
(his hometown)
The culture in Scotland is said to be very
different to that in England; law,
banking, sports, media, food, drink and
philosophy are very different in
The language in the novel is said to be
English/ Urban Scots.…read more

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Scottish Culture
Modern Edinburgh is a thriving
cultural metropolis at the heart of
the United Kingdom. From the
Forth Railway Bridge to Edinburgh
Castle, the city houses a wealth of
impressive attractions and
monuments. Yet there are
countless subterranean secrets
concealed beneath the picturesque
streets of the Scottish capital.
Drugs are said to be a major…read more

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Trainspotting culture
The novel was made into a film and
advertisements showed rave culture,
drug culture ; recreational activities.
Irvine Welsh said that culture was a
major aspect in the novel.
The culture shown in Trainspotting
reflects the ideas explored in the
novel...the Scottish Underworld…read more

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Important scene set in
Edinburgh Festival.
The First Day of the Edinburgh
Festival - Narrated by Renton. Mark
initially makes an attempt to come off
heroin by acquiring a bare room and all the
things he will require when coming down.
When withdrawal begins to set in however,
he resolves to get another hit to ease the
decline. He acquires opium suppositories,
which after a heavy bout of diarrhea he
must recover from in a public toilet
showing just how far a junkie will go for a…read more

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