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Growth of tourism
Increase in leisure time
o Due to longer holiday entitlement (28paid days a year)
o Shorter working week 35hrs a week
o Earlier retirement with pension ­ better living conditions
Developments in communication and information technology
o You can book tickets from home using teletext
Product development & changing consumer needs, expectations and fashions
o Package holidays are more developed to include long haul flights
o Butlins is now less popular and Disney Parks are much more attractive
Greater wealth
o More disposable income with an average wage of £23,000
o People have fewer children (2.4 in 1971, now 1.8)
o Families have two income earners as women work more
o Higher minimum wage - £5.73/hr in Oct 2008
Currency exchange rate
o Can make some countries more attractive. In 2008 $2 to £1 led to a 20% increase
Developments in transport
o Motorways allow for easy and quick access to your destination
o Aircrafts are cheaper and easier. (rise in budget airlines e.g. easy jet)
Countries have new policies on tourism (China, East Germany)
Relaxation of EU borders makes movement easier.
Types of holiday
Package ­ everything is prearranged by the tour company including transportation, food and
accommodation. Booked at tour providers such as Thomas Cook on the high street or in brochures
Adventure ­ For the purpose of challenge and exploration and doing something new and different.
Appeals for young adventurers and those wishing to undertake a challenge, there are many
adventure companies such as Activities Abroad that specialise in this
Backpacking ­ Traditionally low cost and independent international travel, common for gap years
and to take a break in careers. Accommodation is largely in hostels, campsites and budget hotels
Wedding ­ Done in an exotic location, memorable and easy to combine with honey moon. It comes
as a package including music, a marriage officer, cakes, photos and a best man.

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The Butler Model ­ (Blackpool)
1. Exploration
Small numbers of tourists visit attracted by unspoilt location. No impacts on area.
1720 ­ landed Gentry. Small numbers of tourists and 4 hotels. No negative impacts.
2. Involvement
Visitor numbers increase. Host community provides services such as hotels and transport.
Late 1700s locals improved infrastructure. Private road built in 1781. Stage coaches
brought people from Manchester and other cities for day trips.
3. Development
Natural and cultural attractions bring more visitors. Package holidays offered.
Increased investment.…read more

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Environmen Plastic bottles banned ­ canteens only Garbage thrown in rivers ­ human excreta
t Tourists pay $50 towards upkeep Erosion due to 82,000 tourists in 2000
500 tourists only to reduce erosion Tourists pick endangered flowers
World heritage site that is protected Tourists cause visual pollution of area
from huge numbers of tourists Rubbish dumped in pits near trail
Positive Negative
Economic Provides employement for those Employment is seasonal and low paid
suffering from farming decrease 55% of houses are holiday homes.…read more



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