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Growth of tourism
Increase in leisure time
o Due to longer holiday entitlement (28paid days a year)
o Shorter working week 35hrs a week
o Earlier retirement with pension ­ better living conditions
Developments in communication and information technology
o You can book tickets from home…

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The Butler Model ­ (Blackpool)

1. Exploration
Small numbers of tourists visit attracted by unspoilt location. No impacts on area.
1720 ­ landed Gentry. Small numbers of tourists and 4 hotels. No negative impacts.
2. Involvement
Visitor numbers increase. Host community provides services such as hotels and transport.
Late 1700s…

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Environmen Plastic bottles banned ­ canteens only Garbage thrown in rivers ­ human excreta
t Tourists pay $50 towards upkeep Erosion due to 82,000 tourists in 2000
500 tourists only to reduce erosion Tourists pick endangered flowers
World heritage site that is protected Tourists cause visual pollution of area




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